BWG Player Honors

Soccer Hall of Fame Members


Arnie Mauser (player)
Michael Windischmann (player)
Willy Schaller (player)


Ben Boehm
Michael Windischmann (player)
Dieter Ficken (player-coach)
Ray Wolfe (coach)
Willy Schaller (player)
Klaus Kleistauber


Ben Bohem
Michael Windischmann (player)
Dieter Ficken (coach)
Miguel Brunengo (player/coach)
Joseph Fink (player)

National Team

*Players that have represented the US & other countries in youth and men’s national teams

Basuljevic, Arun – USYNT
Brunengo, Miguel – USYNT
Carears, Anthony – USYNT
Celis, Bryan – Chile U17
Espinoza, Milton – Puerto Rico MNT
Escobar, Julian – US Futsal World Cup
Fernandez, Omir – USYNT
Fernandes, Leo – USYNT
Johnson, Christian – USYNT
Lannert, Jason – Puerto Rico MNT
Martovic, Luca – USYNT
Mauser, Arnie – USMNT
Muyl, Alex – USYNT
McGlynn, Conor – USYNT
McGlynn, Jack – USYNT
Mosquera, Eder – USYNT
Nestor, Bradley – St. Lucia MNT
Obregon, JC – Honduras Olympic team
Ritaccio, Matteo – USYNT
Ritaccio, Carlo – USYNT
Rodney, Akeel – USYNT
Sarle, Dom – USYNT
Uy, Matthew – USYNT
Viteri, Anthony – USYNT
Windischmann, Michael – USYNT/USYMNT
*Captain 1990 US World Cup Team
Weah, Timothy – USYNT/USMNT