Coaching Opportunities

We are a club that is recognized nationally as one of the very elite in structure and organization.  We have to produce performances and results on and off the field every single day. Training the players we have, creating a positive nurturing environment for them to learn and helping them realize their huge potential is a small part of what our coaching staff provides our club players. Add to that the desire to push them to the next level, including college exposure, and exceeding parental expectations and you start to get a better idea of the life of a soccer coach within BW Gottschee Academy.

We currently have some of the best youth coaches working with us, we want to enhance it and be able to offer different ideologies and methodologies to give our children the greatest possible chance of success.

Advantages of coaching at BW Gottschee:

  • Hands-on Directors helping you improve as a coach;
  • Extra help in terms of training and game coverage;
  • Competitive teams;
  • Brand Recognition – increases opportunities for your players;
  • Scholarship help available for players;
  • Licensing Fees Paid For (Passed USSF courses only)

What to do next?

  • Send your resume and a formal letter expressing interest to: Miguel Brunengo –
  • Include copies of coaching license and certifications.

From there we will evaluate your credentials and may offer you a formal interview in the event this is any positions available.

Interviews may consist of:

  • Q & A with our Director Staff;
  • Coaching of 1 or more practice sessions with pre-determined topics;
  • Coaching of a organized scrimmage.

We look forward to hearing from you!